How to play Buckyballs


Buckyballs to The Chain

Before the shapes, the tricks, and all that Buck’n fun, you’re going to need to learn to make a chain. Grab a ball or two from the clump and pull gently. It takes a special touch, but you’ll get it.

Buckyballs to The Tube

It’s the easiest of all of the shapes. Wrap a chain around your finger and—boom —you’ve got a tube! Wasn’t that easy? Lets keep the momentum going... Buckyballs to The Sheet Start with your balls in chain, then zig and zag them back and forth, folding where indicated. The balls should line up in a sheet, making a perfect grid

2:Buckyballs to The HexaGon

Start with a chain of 18 balls. Make a loop with the first 6Wrap the remaining balls around the loop. They should snap into place. That chain you were holding just became a hexagon. Now for the really cool bit. Next, take a stab at the snowflake. It’s just 12 hexagons snapped together. Easy like Sunday morning.

3:Buckyballs toTrianGles

Triangles begin life as a loop of 9 balls. You’re just a pinch and a poke from turning that useless ring into so much more. 3 First, pinch a corner with your thumb and forefinger. Next, hold that corner steady as you poke-in the other side. It’s the touching of the highlighted balls that gives the triangle stability.Now that you know triangles, try making a sphere. It’s just 20 triangles attached to one another. Give it a shot but be warned: There’s more than one way to make this puppy.Ancient Egyptians, the inventor of Doritos and Arsenio Hall’s hairstylist—lots of people understand the power of triangles. Soon you will too.

4:Let’S Get Tricky

Connect 20 triangles as shown. Note: Each triangle should be lined-up perfectly with it’s neighbor. If anything looks off, try flipping something over. Magnets are funny, but 9 times out of 10, flipping it over fixes everything.4A self assembling shape! Sound ridiculous? Anything is possible in the world of Bucky. You’ve just got to believe (and know how to follow ). Next, gently lay the shape you’ve just made flat in your hand. Slowly close your hand, making sure that the first pieces to touch are the balls highlighted.Keep closing your hand. We’ve highlighted the next balls to touch, but from here, everything should pretty much snap into place. Brace yourself, a familiar friend is about to emerge.

5:Buckyballs toThe cube

Start by making a sheet 36 balls long and 6 balls wide (that’s 216 balls in total) using the using the zig zag method you learned in step 1 of the guide. 5 Continue folding the sheet back and forth every 6 rows. Each fold puts you one step closer to that somewhat frustrating cube. The first time you make the cube is tricky. The 50th time? Not so much.Whether you’re just starting out, or a cube-making machine, every time you get the finished form in your hands, you should pat yourself on the back. You earned it. How fun is that?

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