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This toys is not safe to under 14 years old
BuckyCubes-The amazing super-strong magnetic Block desktoy


Peoplesay blondes have more fun, but I say that cubes are even better. Okay, so thatdoesn't really make much sense, but when you see the Buckycubes,then you'll get the point. These powerful magnets mean business. And if youalready had tons of fun with its round counterparts care of the Buckyballs ,then imagine how much fun (not to mention time) you're going to be spending withthese cubes.Form shapes, create optical illusions, and build whatever structureyou can think of with the tiny Buckycubes.It's the perfect portable magnetic toy that challenges your imagination - and thensome.

Buckycubesare a little like Zooey Deschanel in that we can't fully explain our fascinationwith them, but coupled with hours for play we may never get any work doneagain.

Sliver BuckyCubeMagnetic Blocks Building Toys

  • Superpowerful, rare earth, magnetic rods for you to play with.
  • Makesculptures, puzzles, patterns, shapes, jewelry . . . the joy is endless.
  • Totallycompatible with all other BuckyBall sets!
  • Eachset comes with a little carrying case too.
  • Dimensions(per cube): 4mm x 4mm x 4mm
  • Foradults only. - These are so super strong, they should be kept away fromchildren.


  • Performance: N35
  • Magnetic : 4000 gauss
  • Remanence: 1.21 (T)
  • Operating temperature: 80 °C
  • Magnetic induction coercive force (Min): 10.8 kOe 860 KA/ M
  • Intrinsic coercivity (Min): 12 kOe 960 KA /M
  • Maximum energy product (range): 33 to 37 MGOe 263 to 295KJ/m³
  • Material density: 7.5
  • Color:Sliver

Package Contents:

  • 1 SET X Sliver Buckycubes
  • Original Plastic Box X1
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